Prohm-tect - More Zap in the Gap

Prohm-tect is an innovative leader in the production of unique electrically conductive pastes.

Our pastes are designed to maximize and maintain the conductivity of bolted, clamped, crimped, blade, and pin electrical connections and protect those connections in corrosive environments. Prohm-tect formulas block out moisture, lower resistance, reduce ESD, and prevent high heat damage in connections.

Prohm-tect prevents damage before it starts, so that equipment exposed to harsh operating conditions or weather is saved from costly repairs and down-time. The results? Reliability of equipment, maximum conductivity, and peace of mind.

Our goal is to be the “go-to” name in a wide variety of industries as the product most capable of assuring maximum electrical conductivity in connections exposed to the elements.

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NEW! Retail Display Box

Prohm-tect is now available in a retail box, which can be filled and re-filled with any combination of the different formulas to suit customers’ needs. We can scale a retail program to fit your company---including a comfortable wholesale margin based on order volume. We provide a technical presentation to your salespeople, and customer follow-up consulting from Prohm-tect engineers. Contact or 605-553-2813 for more information.

new Prohm-tect retail box

Features & Uses

No Gap in Conductivity

Micro-sharp metal particles in a thick paste physically bridge the gaps in the connective interface, and provide multiple pathways for current.

Blocks Corrosion & Prevents Overheating

All electrical connections contain a thin film of corrosion, reducing conductivity. Prohm-tect products block out moisture to prevent corrosion. Prohm-tect Silver A*C lowers resistance and is also a powerful thermal conductor, lowering heat at the interface.

Silicone Free for Superior Formulas

All Prohm-tect formulas are uniquely silicone-free, leaving no residue at high heat, and there is no wicking as with other brands. Our products (-2, –5, –8) which contain a special stainless steel are the only ones of their kind on the market.

Not a Dielectric Grease

Grease is just grease. It forms a barrier against moisture, but does nothing to enhance conductivity—in fact, it adds to the gap. Prohm-tect guarantees maximum electrical conductivity due to its metal particulates.

Major reductions in maintenance costs and time can be achieved by using Prohm-tect in these applications:
  • Fuel cells
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar installations
  • Electric substations
  • Any grounding connections
  • Electric power conversion equipment: transformers, inverters, converters
Our products also make all the difference on protecting these electrical connections:
  • Computers and other electronics
  • Communications equipment – cell tower connections; antennas; HAM radios
  • Automobiles, trucks, RVs – from batteries to lights
  • Marine vessels and equipment – from ships to SkiDos; dockside electrical
  • Agricultural equipment – tractors, trailers, electric tarps, irrigation control systems, electric fencing
  • Lighting - LED, motion sensor, spotlights, landscape lighting
How Prohmtect paste increases conductivity

1. A close-up visual of the microscopic pits that exist on any polished metal surface—e.g. connectors—the PT flows into them and fills them up.

2. Prohm-tect fills the microscopic pits, providing multiple pathways for current to follow, so no current is lost. This creates almost zero resistance in the connection, protection against vibration, no overheating, and no voltage fluctuations.

Prohm-tect is useful for fuel cells, wind turbines, solar power installations, and other electronic equipment


We provide the advice of a Mechanical/Materials Engineer to help you select the formula for your company’s specific applications. All of Prohm-tect’s formulas can be provided in a variety of sizes, from 1cc syringes, to 300cc caulking tubes. Please contact us for pricing information.



Below are the results of some of the tests conducted with Prohm-tect conductive pastes.


prohm-tect silver conductive paste research


prohmtect -5 conductive paste research

Salt Spray Test

The left side was protected by Prohm-tect-5 formula, and the right side was not. Note the difference in the amount of corrosion.

conductive paste research

Extreme Exterior Corrosion on Bolted Sections

Silver under washer

prohmtect silver conductive paste research

-5 formula under washer

prohm-tect -5 conductive paste research

News & Announcements

NEW! Retail Box Available

We now have a retail box available for electrical supply distributors and other companies with "walk-in" traffic. The box can be filled with tubes in the variety of Prohm-tect formulas you select.

We're developing a new product

Prohm-tect engineers are developing a cost-effective conductive ADHESIVE for linking solar cells. Contact John at 949-246-8046 for more info.

There's a new formula in the Prohm-tect lineup! SD1

For fail-proof low-voltage connections, such as computer cable connections. Solves fretting problems due to corrosion or vibration. Contact us for samples, and experience the problem-solving capabilities of SD1.


Prohm-tect is now listed in the buyers guide of Connector and Cable Assembly Supplier.

Prohm-tect featured in FCT Journal

The September/October edition of the Advanced Fuel Cell Technology journal features a technical report by Lisa Rinaldo on Maximizing Conductive Efficiency of Fuel Cell Connections.

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On Conductive Pastes for Transformer Connections

Our latest article in Electricity Today examines the use of conductive glues on transformer connections.

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Prohm-tect featured in BizNow

Prohm-tect made the cover of BizNow! See us on the Nov 2013 issue.

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Press Release

Fuel Cell Conductivity Maximized With Prohm-tect Electrically Conductive Paste

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Founder Profile

Prohm-tect's Engineering Advisor & Director of Product Development, John Ebbinghaus, was profiled in Progressive Engineer.

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Prohm-tect Featured in Design News

Tom Gibson highlights some of the many uses of electrically conductive pastes, and why Prohm-tect's are unique. "We owe the creation of electrically conductive paste largely to John Ebbinghaus, a native of New Rochelle, NY..."

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Prohm-tect Featured in Advanced Fuel Cell Technology Journal

Learn how Prohm-tect Silver is finding a welcome in the fuel cell industry (begins on p. 15)

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Did You Know?

Every manufacturing operation wants to avoid downtime; with downtime comes unforseen costs and losses to a company's bottom line. Take a look at some of the statistics and costs related to downtime in teh manufacturing sector.
Almost every factory loses at least
5% of its productive capacity from downtime and many can even lose up to 20%
   - Interstates
In the manufacturing sector, the
average hourly cost of IT downtine is $1.6 million
   - Vision Solutions
In 2006, automotive executives indicated that stopped production cost — on average —
per minute, and in some cases much more
   - Advanced Technology Services
Efforts to reduce operation downtime routinely have a high probability of success. It is possible to achieve a
reduction with as much as 75% probability of success
   - Epicor
To be considered as a world-class level operation in efficiency, 85% Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) must be maintained. However, most manufacturers have an OEE score of approximately 60% due ot issues such as machine downtime. - Inductive Automation
Presented by IMPO - August 2015 issue

About Us

Proven. Powerful. Preventive.

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Prohm-tect has been solving electrical conductivity problems since the 1970’s, when our original formula was developed for U.S. Navy aircraft carrier ships and F-14 guidance systems. Over the next 40 years, other formulas were developed for a variety of automotive, marine, and communications applications.

In 2010 our unique silver formula was added to the line of pastes, specifically formulated for the fuel cell manufacturing industry. Now in use on fuel cell conduit connections, our silver paste raises the conductive efficiency to 94%, and saves fuel cell manufacturers thousands of dollars.

What sets our paste apart?

  • Superior ingredients: Prohm-tect is one of the only pastes made with a synthetic, non-silicone oil. No wicking, no residue when subjected to high temperatures (100C.-350C.)
  • We meet your exact engineering need for the correct formula—even if that means custom-blending one.
  • Non-toxic, effective and long-lasting in even in small amounts, so it does not migrate.
  • Micro-sharp conductive metal particles in our non-silver blends provide multiple pathways for electrical current.
  • Packed in syringes, with a variety of tip options for accuracy of application.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Prohmtect Clients


Director of Sales and Marketing
(and to request samples)

Lisa Rinaldo
(605) 553-2813

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Senior Engineer

John Ebbinghaus, B.ME
(949) 246-8046

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We provide free engineering troubleshooting of corrosion problems. Contact John at to arrange to ship corroded parts/cables, etc. for evaluation.