Veteran Owned | 100% American Made Product

   Veteran Owned | 100% American Made Product



Proven. Powerful. Preventative.

Prohmtect products have been solving electrical conductivity problems for nearly 50 years. Originally developed for use on the U.S. Navy’s F-14 Tomcat guidance system, it evolved into use by the aerospace industry.

Today our product line is utilized by a full spectrum of industries; large power generation, micro-power electronics, marine, communications, fuel cells, wind, and solar. Our global customer base continues to challenge us to create more innovative solutions to meet their future needs. These premium formulas are the best remedy to help prevent corrosion and avoid connectivity failures.

We believe in providing superior products with timely order fulfillment, and excellent customer service before and after the sale.

In 2010 our unique silver formula was added to the line of pastes, specifically formulated for the fuel cell manufacturing industry. Now in use on fuel cell conduit connections, our silver paste raises the conductive efficiency to 94%, and saves fuel cell manufacturers thousands of dollars.


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What sets Prohmtect apart?

  • Superior ingredients: Prohmtect is one of the only pastes made with a synthetic, non-silicone oil. No wicking, no residue when subjected to high temperatures (100C-350C)
  • We meet your exact engineering need for the correct formula—even if that means custom-blending one.
  • Non-toxic, effective and long-lasting in even in small amounts, so it does not migrate.
  • Micro-sharp conductive metal particles in our non-silver blends provide multiple pathways for electrical current. Packed in syringes, with a variety of tip options for accuracy of application.
  • Veteran owned and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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