Veteran Owned | 100% American Made Product

   Veteran Owned | 100% American Made Product



How do we apply EVerlast?

Just apply a small amount from our precision applicator to the entire metal contact. If any existing corrosion is present, remove with a wire brush first. The connection should be dry at the time of application.

Where can we purchase EVerlast?

Directly from the manufacturer – Prohmtect. Please contact us to place your order.

Why should I use EVerlast?

To protect, seal and lubricate your EV connection.

Will my charging times be faster?

Yes. The results from our lab testing shows that by applying EVerlast to your connection the OHM resistance will be lower allowing more voltage to transfer from the charger to the battery – the end result – faster charging times for you.

How durable is EVerlast?

It is an industrial-grade quality paste that is designed to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions. It is heat rated for over 500 degrees.

Are any of the components or manufacturing done overseas?

No. EVerlast and all Prohmtect products are made with raw materials and are processed and packaged 100% in the USA.

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